• From idea
    to a company
    “Neither accelerators nor investment funds. We are a company that creates companies.
    Under a model that expands around the world, based on innovative business opportunities
    in the E-commerce and Marketplace Sector”.

What is Joule?

We invent

We generate and test unique business ideas in the E-commerce and Marketplace Sector ecosystems. After carefully validating the concept, we partner up with brilliant entrepreneurs to build a product used by millions.

We build

Together with the selected team, our multi-disciplinary team works hands-on to build strong products - which we get pilot users to test as early as possible to confirm the Product/Market Fit.

We scale

As soon as we have traction, we publicly release the product and work hard on growth and user acquisition, while transferring valuable knowledge to the co-founding team.


The founders gradually build their own team and culture in their own office.

How we do it?

We’re run by entrepreneurs.

Our Partners are entrepreneurs first, and are involved in every venture at every stage. Outside the boardroom they work side by side with the teams, sharing their experience and connections.

We accelerate ventures with in-house services.

Our ventures have direct access to the business support and professional services they need. These include technology, talent acquisition, talent development, community, finance and accounting, legal, property, digital services, marketing and sales.

We trust people.

Realising the potential of a business starts with seeing the potential in people. We develop talent by matching the right people with the right ventures and giving them the freedom to succeed.

We share our networks.

We connect ventures with our global network. These transformational partnerships open up new sales and development opportunities, helping to accelerate venture growth.

We are innovation partners.

We work with big businesses, providing the tools and the talent for them to innovate so they can be more agile, adaptive and better positioned to out-manoeuvre their competitors.

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